Who is Choice?

We are the comprehensive partner for companies that want to attract the best talent, engage their in-house experts and enhance the company’s overall employer brand.

We are Choice

  • We are the expert of a modern working life.
  • Our team consists of recruitment, resourcing and marketing professionals.
  • We approach recruitment with a professional approach focusing on applicant and employee experience as well as employer branding development.
  • We offer extensive marketing expertise to meet employers and job seekers in various forums and fields.
  • We offer service enteties that enables the customer an opportunity to learn along the way.
  • We believe in partnership and continuous development together.

Strategic recruitment

At Choice, we help you to conduct recruitment in a strategic, cost effective and measureable way to gain the attention of the management in the process.

Human Resources is not a support function – but the hard core of a business

Recruitment is widely recognised as one of the most important factors in a company’s success, yet the associated investments all too often come at the tail end of the queue. HR’s image has only become a cost-effective support function for which it is impossible to calculate ROI or integrate the company’s core business. However, we have also witnessed examples of this that are often found among the most discouraging employers in this country, but also stand out for their excellent performance. At Choice, we want to help you make the recruitment of your company strategic, efficient and measurable so that business management is also interested in the subject differently than before.

The labor market has already changed

The employer-job seeker market has changed permanently. The competition for experts is accelerating even further, and with it comes the necessity to develop recruitment as well. Instead of ad hoc thinking, recruitment must be seen as an ongoing activity for which a plan, budget, responsibilities and implementation models can be created. Developing an employer image is a critical part of today’s recruitment process.

A modern recruiter understands the business as a whole

Choice is not just about linear recruitment. We have expertise in talent acquisition and employer marketing where the customer’s needs are in centre to create the best possible results. Before starting any process, it is necessary to understand where the business is going and what kind of talent is required to achieve long term goals.

We can help you get answers and perspectives on the following: 

  • What is the best channel for your business to reach potential applicants?
  • What is a working career page or job posting like?
  • How to start developing an employer image?
  • How do I improve the number of potential applicants in the application process?
  • How do I identify recruitment bottlenecks and speed up turnaround time?
  • What is the imputed cost of recruitment and how is it affected?
  • How can the applicant experience be measured and analyzed?
  • How to work better internally to develop recruitment?

Need help recruiting or developing an employer brand?

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