Employer image and recruitment marketing

A strong and well-known employer brand as well as tactical recruitment marketing will help attract the best experts to your team even in the face of intensified competition. Whether your needs are tactical or strategic, we have the tools and experts to help you.

What kind of employer image and recruitment marketing services do we offer?

from strategic employer image development to tactical recruitment marketing. You can get our service either as a project or as a continuous monthly service (EB as a service) that scales according to your needs. You get the most out of developing both recruitment and employer image processes, marketing, content, and tools at the same time.

Development of the employer brand

We help you with measures related to the development of the employer image, from the mapping of the current situation to the planning and implementation of concrete target groups, messages and measures. The goal of developing an employer image is to increase the awareness and attractiveness of your company among the experts who are important to you. An employer image that emerges from your company’s real attractiveness will streamline recruitment, engage your existing staff, and support your entire business.

Tactical recruitment marketing

In addition to developing a strategic employer image, we will help you attract more potential applicants to individual job vacancies through recruitment marketing. We plan and implement marketing from the definition of target groups and channel selection to the production, campaigning, optimization and reporting of advertising images and texts suitable for the target group. We are also happy to support you in writing an attractive job posting. We always recommend that you implement advertising in your own channels so that all advertising supports the growth of your company’s reputation as an employer and the development of your employer image in the best possible way.

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Complementary to our services

Video and image production

Video is a great way to create transparency in your company’s daily life, industry and people. We implement versatile packages ranging from lightweight solutions to larger productions. We design, script, and execute projects to make jumping in front of the camera as easy and fun as possible for you.

Career pages

Career pages are the home base for recruitment marketing. Functional pages appeal to the visitor and provide opportunities for the right expert to identify. Your message will be more credible if it is shared by the employees in your organization. Make it your goal to leave a positive imprint on everyone who visits your career page. We will help you with the planning or implement the career pages for you on a turnkey basis.

Content production

Do you have a lot to say about the people in your business, but lack the resources and time? Systematic content production creates the basis for increasing the awareness of your company. We bring you career stories, articles, guides and cultural books by interviewing your staff around topics that suit you. We offer content production both as individual implementations and as a continuous service.

Workshops and coaching

We favor participatory methods to get all the people in your company on a journey of change. The workshops and the work between them create a basis and a concrete development plan for working together. We can help you e.g. identifying competitive and attractiveness factors and increasing understanding of employer image development.

Need help recruiting or developing an employer image?

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