Employer Branding

What is an employer image and why is it important to develop it?

An employer image refers to the image of an organization as an employer. Although the image of the employer is always subjective, the organization can also influence this aspect of its brand through its own activities. Employer image development can be roughly divided into two parts; internal and external development of the employer image.

Internal employer image development refers to the most important target group, ie current personnel, and the development of the entire employer image always starts from within the organization. It is important to find out e.g. what your employees value and what is relevant to them, and reinforce those things in your organization. Identifying, correcting and communicating openly is also an important part of developing an internal employer image.

The purpose of developing an external employer image is to increase the company’s awareness, strengthen and create images in the selected target group, streamline recruitment processes and reduce the unit cost of recruitment in the long run. At the heart of the development of the external employer image are the definition of the employer’s promise and the clarification of differentiation and attraction factors. A good employer image is always created from within the company, is honest and transparent, and highlights the qualities that employees as well as management can sign.

Steps in developing an employer image

  • Mapping of the current situation
  • Clarification of expert target groups, competitive advantages and attractiveness factors
  • Launch of marketing and communication measures
  • Monitoring and improvement

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