Recruitment marketing

What is tactical recruitment marketing?

Tactical recruitment marketing helps support short-term acute recruitment needs. Job search portals are still a good way to reach those who are actively looking for work, but increasingly it is not enough to reach those who are actively looking for work. The primary goal of tactical recruitment marketing is to make more and more potential employees aware of the vacancy and to submit their applications. In many cases, the right expert can be found through attractive and eye-catching, well-targeted digital marketing and a carefully planned and applicant-based job posting.

Tactical recruitment marketing bites the factors that the company as an employer is already familiar with. Thus, systematic employer brand communication and tactical recruitment marketing support each other. At Choice, we basically do both employer image and recruitment marketing in your own channels, so that everything you do supports the development of your own employer image, not your partner. In addition, you get transparency as well as data.

Steps in a tactical recruitment campaign

  • Definition of objectives and target groups
  • Duct and material design
  • Start of advertising
  • Campaign optimization
  • Reporting of results

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