Recruitment service

Our recruitment service is an easy and fast way to find a new expert in your organization and increase your understanding of the entire expert target group and market.

A recruitment service is a quick and easy way to acquire new skills

We offer more than a traditional recruitment service to those companies that want to streamline recruitment, create a better application experience, and increase employer awareness. In employer image-based recruitment, each individual application process strengthens the recruiting company’s understanding of its attractiveness and competition factors in the labor market and creates a basis for developing employer awareness. All of our recruiters are also trained to assess competency skills, soft skills and cultural compatibility.

Our recruitment service includes:

  • Defining a competency profile and building a recruitment plan
  • Identification of target groups and, if necessary, research work
  • Execution, optimization and analytics of a targeted recruitment campaign in either your company’s or Choice’s marketing channels and selected media.
  • From screening applicants for the competency assessment and selection process to personal interviews, introducing applicants and supporting their selection.
  • Mapping of applicant communication and applicant experience.
  • Support, guidance and sparring from our EB and recruitment specialist throughout the process.

Benefits of an employer image-based recruitment service

The knowledge and reach of the target group improves

Whether your needs are related to individual recruitment or the design and implementation of a broader expertise and recruitment strategy, the experts in our EB, recruitment and marketing team will help you identify and describe your target audiences, reach them and create effective content and campaigning.

You always get more than just a person for the job

Not only do we search and find the author for an individual need, we always get more from us. Our service includes finding out and analyzing task-specific attractiveness factors with a preliminary survey. In addition, you will receive support for induction and engagement already during the recruitment process. We also help ensure the best possible start for the new employee.

Save time and reduce recruitment risks

Our trained recruitment and Employer Branding teams design the search and recruitment process so that we find the right professionals and reach them effectively through digital marketing and media. Data-driven and employer-image-based recruitment is our breadwinner, and we are familiar with Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram advertising as well as programmatic purchasing.

Focusing and partnership brings cost-effectiveness

Even a single employer-based recruitment is competitive in terms of both content and pricing compared to a traditional recruitment service. The more you recruit through us, the lower the unit cost of recruiting and the faster the recruitment turnaround time, as Employer Branding work goes hand in hand. We also support you and the expert in a fresh employment relationship!

Responsibilities and roles of an employer image-based recruitment service


  • Defining an expert profile and publishing a job advertisement and campaign, as well as targeted search measures
  • Supporting the customer in crystallizing their own needs and desires
  • Pre-selection and application process
  • High quality applicant communication
  • Informed and non-selected messages and feedback
  • Feedback and engagement survey for applicants


  • Recruitment is based on identifying an expert profile and an applicant profile – we help identify needs
  • Familiarization with pre-selected presentations of candidates
  • Accepting the content and creative idea of recruitment marketing campaigns (if included in the service)
  • Making the final selection and employment contract
  • Responding to a feedback and engagement survey from a customer perspective

Would hiring staff be a more appropriate solution?

If you do not want or cannot recruit an expert for your own payroll, your option is to hire a staff member. Our human resources service is an effortless and risk-free way to hire a new expert, for example, if the uncertainty caused by the corona epidemic continues or for the period of faster growth that follows. Thanks to our extensive network of experts, you will get a new professional quickly and for as long as you need it.

Can we help?

Ask for a view or ask for a quote if you are interested in cooperating or want to know more about the modern staffing service! Our experts will help you find the best solution.