Hiring staff is an effortless solution for your business if the need for experts is variable or predicting continuity is challenging. The service brings smoothness to your daily life, as Choice acts as an employer for temporary workers, taking care of employer obligations.

Why is hiring staff through Choice a sensible option?

Hiring experts is an increasingly common way to acquire and hire expertise for a company. In the Choice model, we act as an employer for the employee and take care of the employer’s obligations during the employment relationship. Staffing can be utilized in a variety of situations, such as project work, part-time employment or fixed-term replacement. The need for experts can change quickly, and staffing allows you to manage the risks associated with your salary. Staffing enables the customer to have an easy, time-saving, reliable and responsible process.

Hiring staff can be an option when:

  • recruitment to payrolls is not possible right now
  • you want the recruitment company to handle the employment
  • the duration or extent of your skills needs are difficult to predict
  • your business requires scalability from your staffing needs
  • you want the selection of new experts to be fast
  • you want to outsource recruitment processes
  • you need an author such as parental leave, sick leave or study

Did you know that each of our assignments includes an EB consulting or recruitment marketing campaign, depending on the content of your order?

For whom and why is staffing suitable?

1. The right expert, at the right time!

HR services and employment relationship management as a service means ease. Thanks to our extensive network of experts, you get the time your employee needs. For example, the uncertainty that creates the corona epidemic and the consequent acceleration of economic growth are such situations. At or after the end of the tenancy, you can hire an employee for yourself. We will help you create a credible and professional recruitment and negotiation process and support you in all its stages. We also handle the recruitment of shared experts, which means sharing the expert’s working time and costs between several companies.

2. Personnel strategy or growth phase does not allow for an employment relationship

The human resources strategy is linked to the company’s business strategy, and the business strategy does not always allow hiring its own employees. The human resources strategy of growth companies, in turn, may emphasize the need for rapid scaling of resources based on, for example, the nature of the project, the customer situation or the life cycle stage. Alternatively, the company may need individuals for summer vacation, family leave and study leave substitutions. These needs are easy to meet with staffing.

3. You want to recruit an expert later

Many of our clients procure consulting services and would like to hire a consultant for themselves later. This is not usually possible with the traditional consultant model, so the staffing and try and hire model is just the right option for these needs. The management of the hired expert comes from the client, but Choice takes care of all the responsibilities related to the management of the employment relationship. The person is assigned right from the start to your company and can be recruited as planned later in-house. In our experience, however, more and more people are interested in working life solutions that differ from the “one employer – one job” model!

4. Facilitate employment management and minimize risks

The employer’s statutory obligations as well as the obligations related to the employment administration with their occupational safety and health issues are not everyone’s special expertise. Many companies do not have a dedicated person to handle these matters or may be the responsibility of, for example, the CEO or an office assistant. As the company’s number of employees increases, the obligations related to human resources management will expand. Some of our clients only want the input of the best expert and we take care of everything else from exploration to selection and administration. Hiring staff is an uncomplicated way to grow your organization without increasing your in-house HR resource.

Our professionals will support you in hiring people

Tiinaleena Anttila

Business Director

Elisa Metsälä

Client Success Director

Do you want to recruit a person directly to your payroll?

Our recruitment service makes it easy and fast to find a new expert and recruit him / her directly to your organization. We implement all of our recruitment with an employer image-based recruitment model that we have developed for the needs of our customers and the changed operating environment.

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